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Please note: ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHT by the photographer. You may obtain any photograph for free, however, if you use any photos for publication and/or on the Internet, please give credit to the photographer by including this: Photo by John Ussenko


Let us show you the beauty of Costa Rica. Come join one of our in-depth digital photography workshops or go on an adventure off the beaten path to exotic locations with our photography tours. Bring the whole family on your next vacation! Children are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Photography: Tours

We are proud to provide specialized and unique tours by not limiting ourselves to a specific cookie cutter schedule but designing each tour to complement every photographer whether you are a novice or professional. This will provide the most photographic opportunities and a chance to unleash your artistic side.


Wild Creatures: Filmed in HD

|| edited, produced, and filmed by John Ussenko ||

ctenosaur lizard filmed by filmmaker john ussenko in Costa Rica.

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You will experience an abundance of amazing vistas and wildlife. We mix a little bit of excitement with a splash of fun, all centered around digital photography. What a great way to travel and improve your photography skills.

Yellow Orchid in Mal Pais Costa Rica

santa teresa costa rica sunset

White Face Monkey - pro  nature photographer john ussenko

photographer: John Ussenko

Photography: Workshops

We offer a wonderful hands-on learning experience for all photographers to improve their technical ability, develop their creative expression and enhance their enjoyment of nature photography. Have a workshop on the beach, near a river, next to a waterfall, or on a cliff. We have many beautiful locations to show you.

Let us introduce you to a different world with our Digital Macro Photography Workshop. Seeing the world up close and personal opens your mind and truly draws out the abstract artist.

nature photographer john ussenko
macro photographer john ussenko

photographer: John Ussenko

Photography : Advertisement | Marketing

Knowing the power of a photograph, we understand how important it is to provide your business with inspiring photographs to showcase your products. The photos below are a prime example of our technical lighting knowledge which is the key factor in all photographs.

interior hotel professional photographer john ussenko architectural professional photographer john ussenko

photographer: John Ussenko

HD Commercial Production Services





custom made surf videos with a professional hd videographer filming surfers in costa rica.

HD Nature Channel

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