Our Mission


A little something about us and our philosophy.

In 2008 we moved our family from Southern California to the Nicoya Peninsula -- Montezuma, Costa Rica. We want our children to play in mud puddles, see monkeys in the trees, and learn about nature firsthand. We believe in conservation and preservation of our natural resources, and we have a ten-hectare mini reserve of our own that's been thriving and restoring itself since 1996. One day we hope to open a school of arts on this land and share the many treasures of a rainforest in conjunction with exposing the local children to a broader range of the arts.

Professional photographer John Ussenko, has a background in child education and a gift for teaching in general. His passion for photography is woven throughout his teaching, and he is committed to awakening the artist in each of his students.

In short, we believe in love, beauty, and passion, and we would like to teach others to capture a snippet of the world as seen through the viewfinder of their life.

Living life in Costa Rica

photographer: Stephanie Slone




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