Photography Workshops

Please note: ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHT by the photographer. You may obtain any photograph for free, however, if you use any photos for publication and/or on the Internet, please give credit to the photographer by including this photography credit: Photo by John Ussenko


Here you are able to focus your mind on one specific subject. This is great for those who want a refresher course or someone who wants to build their expertise in a certain field. All our workshops provide extensive hands-on instructions since, in our experience, it is the best way to learn.

Macro Photography

Photograph the artistic side of your world up close in nature.  

Focus in on color, texture, and light through the viewfinder of your abstract vision.

 Hands-on concepts and techniques of specialized photography equipment.

1 hour $90 (4 person minimum)

professional macro photographer john ussenko in costa rica
macro photographer john ussenko captures a costa rica spider
costa rica macro photographer john ussenko

photographer: John Ussenko


Light Painting Photography 

Discover how to paint your subjects with artificial light and turn night into day.

(Dark clothing required)

2-3 hours $140 (4 person minimum)


Night Photography 

Capture star trails, nocturnal wildlife, and urban locations. Learn the techniques of long exposure and flash.

3-4 hours - $180 (4 person minimum)

Tree Frog in Costa Rica

photographer: John Ussenko